Aloha. I'm Erika Hampton.

This is where my creativity is shared with you in hopes that you find encouragement and inspiration for your own creative journey. Do you know your purpose, your superpower? It can be anything! Gardening is my superpower, I love to collect and share seeds. I believe that planting a tree today shows promise for a better tomorrow. Trees clean the air, hold soil in place, provide shelter for all sorts of lifeforms, they even provide food.

Where would we be with out the medicinal powers of Essential Oils, again provided by plants. Now is a great time to learn to grow our own food and to share this knowledge with others. Let's begin.

When I am not in the garden I may be found in my Art Studio "Girl World", here is where Painting happens. Oil or acrylic paints are applied to Canvas, driftwood, rocks, and so many other things. Painting is fun fun fun. Like Bob Ross says there are no mistakes in painting only happy little accidents.

Girl World is a very busy place there is always something to do. A couple of years ago I discovered the skill of wire wrapping stones and crystals I combined this craft with beading and now I am making wire-wrapped beaded Jewelry.

From time to time I enjoy Crocheting, I make scarves, hats, and blankets but I also make these groovy little slings that make it easier to take your water bottle with you while keeping your hands free. Sure you could throw your water bottle into your purse but why risk a wet purse?

Recently I came across a video on youtube about making Fairy Houses out of old bottles and jars, crumpled up foil and modeling clay so I gave it a go and, FUN!!! I really enjoy it. Once I waterproof the fairy house they will make a nice addition to the garden. It is nice to be able to leave things better than they were.

My blog can be found here. For more creative inspiration or if you just want to learn more of what makes me tick.

More about what I do

Some of the Ways I Express Myself Artistically

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Erika Hampton Jewelry and Wire Wrapping


Hand Wrapped Copper and Silver Wire Jewelry Made on Maui.

Erika Hampton Gardening


From the smallest succulents in a sea shell to elaborate waterfeatures.

Erika Hampton Oil Canvas, Painting


Original Paintings of Various Styles in Acrylic, Oil, or Watercolor.

Erika Hampton Crochet


Stay hydrated & stylish while carrying your favorite flask or jar.


Made on Maui with top quality materials.


Flower Vase

Wire wrapped copper pendant featuring goldstone chip flowers rising out of a wooden vase, secured in an elongated frame.


Burger Bean Pendant

Wire Wrapped decoratively in copper with Swarovski Crystal accents to contain a lightly polished sea bean from the beaches of Maui.


Tree of Life

Copper wire encircles "Tree of Life" emblazoned with Multi-fluorite chips representing leaves and spaced with copper toned beads .



What is not to love about Gardening. From the smallest succulents in a sea shell to elaborate waterfeatures. I do it all.

Maui Coral Rock Garden

This nice piece of coral was discovered rolling in the shore break on Maui. Once home to sea life now a cozy home for these lovely succulents.

Itty Bitty Succulents

We all start somewhere and these little succulents are getting their start in tiny pots and hand made wire baskets from scrap pet fencing, lined with coco fiber.

Succulent Basket

Hand made wire basket, with coconut fiber and organic soil - a cozy container that will dry nicely between waterings for this succulent mix.



On gallery wrapped canvas or hire me to color on your walls. I am available on Maui for faux painting in your home or office.

Tiki Island Surfer

Masked Tiki Dude on island beach with a shore break, Oil and Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Size 36" X 24"

Ganesh Painting

Ganesh creative interpretation in Oil and Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Size 6" X 12"


Miniature Canvas

Tiny Oil paintings on tiny wooden easel stained or painted to compliment the art. Sizes 2"x 2", 3" X 3" or 4" X 4"



Carry your Water, Coffee, or Kombucha hands free in one of my convenient washable beverage slings. No two are alike.

Have me make stuff for you.

Special requests considered. It can be made as manly or as girly as it needs to be.

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